Hot Air Balloon Rides in Phoenix: The Do’s & Don’ts

hot air balloon rides in phoenixReady for your hot air balloon flight? Check out the Do’s and Don’ts of Hot Air Balloon Rides in Phoenix to ensure you have the best time possible up, up and away.  We can’t wait to have you up in the air! 🙂

-Know the physical requirements needed to go ballooning

In order to participate in a hot air balloon flight in Phoenix, you should be in good general health and not be pregnant or have had any recent surgeries or broken bones. Landing can sometimes be bumpy, so passengers should be able to jump off of the second or third step of a ladder (similar to what a bumpy landing can feel like). You will be required to sign a medical statement of good health and a waiver of liability prior to your flight.

-Use the restroom prior to the flight
Our hot air balloon flights take place in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, and unfortunately nature does not provide a restroom. Our launch and landing sites vary from day to day dependent upon the winds, typically in remote parts of the desert. While there are usually abundant trees and bushes, there are no restroom facilities available during your trip.

-Know where the check in location is and arrive on time
Our hot air balloon flights check in at the Deer Valley Airport Balloon Ride Parking Area daily, unless you have selected the option to have our staff provide roundtrip hotel transfers. Plug the airport address (below) into your smartphone/GPS to see how much time you should allow and get step by step directions.

Deer Valley Airport – Balloon Ride Parking Area
702 W. Deer Valley Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85027
*Follow signs to Balloon Ride Parking Area

Not a fan of using your smartphone/GPS? Directions to the Deer Valley Airport from around the valley are also available here.

-Dress for adventure
Comfortable, casual clothing is always recommended on our ballooning excursions, as we are enjoying nature in a desert environment. The temperature in the balloon is about the same as on the ground, so dress appropriately for the day’s anticipated temperatures.
On any given day, we recommend:

  • Closed toe shoes
  • Hat
  • Light jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera

-Bring your appetite
We are known for our outstanding food service (bubbly and breakfast/hors d’oeuvres are served post-flight) catered by the award-winning Vincent’s on Camelback. Our menu is pre-selected and can be found here. Vegetarian and gluten free meals are available with a 24 hour advance notice. Champagne, orange juice and bottled water will be provided with your cuisine upon landing in the desert. Bottled water is always available in-flight.

-Bring your camera
Your hot air balloon flight provides many opportunities for excellent photo’s and video, so be sure to bring your camera, selfie stick, GoPro –  your photo method of choice!  Our flight crew and pilots are more than happy snap pictures of you, using your camera, in the balloon both before take-off and in the air.  In preparation for landing, be sure all photo equipment is properly protected and stowed away, as Hot Air Expeditions is not responsible for damage that occurs during your expedition.

-Listen to your pilot
Listen to your pilot up in the air and on the ground – they’ll give you a pre-flight safety briefing, answer questions and provide lots of fun information on ballooning and the Sonoran Desert while you’re up, up and away!

-Have fun!
Hot air ballooning is truly a one of a kind experience – be in the moment and enjoy the experience!

-Wear flip flops, heels or other open toed shoes

Open toed shoes leave your toes vulnerable to critters and the desert environment like trees and cacti – play it safe and cover them up!

-Show up without a reservation
Advanced reservations are required and can be made here!  Unfortunately same day walk-in reservations cannot be accepted.

-Arrive late for your flight
Ballooning is very dependent on the sunrise and sunset times, as well as weather conditions (which can change minute by minute), so please arrive at ,or a few minutes prior, to your check in time to ensure the best possible flying experience.

For more information on our ballooning experiences or to book a reservation visit our website at Be sure to check out our Ballooning FAQ for answers to more of your commonly asked questions.

Happy flying!

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