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Best Photos to Take on Your Hot Air Balloon Flight

If you’re like us, you love adventuring and exploring the great outdoors, soaking it up one ray of sunshine at a time.  We love sharing our adventures with friends and family, and are always looking for the perfect profile picture or frame-worthy shot.  When it comes to our hot air ballooning experiences, there are definitely some unique and stunning photos to capture up, up and away.  Check out these essential shots to capture on your flight with us!

Make all your friends jealous with an adventurous profile picture!  Try to get another balloon in the background for a real ‘wow’ factor.selfie

Helping Out
You don’t really have to help, but you can trade places with our flight crew members to snap a fun photo!  Our staff is always available to take photos for you.
Helping Out

The Top
The top of the balloons are so gorgeous and colorful, but are often overlooked.  Remember to look up every now and again!
The Top

The Flame
Show your friends that you were flying in an aircraft a little bigger and more powerful than your average propane grill…

The Surrounding Landscape
The Sonoran Desert we fly in is absolutely gorgeous! Try shooting a panoramic shot to capture a larger viewpoint, and don’t forget to look down for wildlife.

The Champagne Toast
Cheers to an adventurous morning with a champagne toast!  The Sonoran Desert is the perfect backdrop.Toast

When’s the last time you had a gourmet breakfast in the middle of the desert?  Take your memories home with a quick snap of the scrumptious breakfast!

Group Photo
Recall the fun new friends you made on your flight, and your skilled pilot, with a group photo!
Group Photo

Flight Certificate
It’s official! You’ve flown in a hot air balloon and come safely back to ground!
These are just a few ideas to get you going on your adventure! Get creative, ballooning is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and should be captured to remember for years to come!

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