Press Release: April 18th Hot Air Balloon Landing


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April 18th Hot Air Balloon Landing
Inaccurate Reporting – Emergency Landing Story

Phoenix, AZ – On the morning of Monday, April 18th, 2016 Hot Air Expeditions had three balloons operate scheduled hot air balloon flights in Phoenix, Arizona.  One of the three balloons, piloted by a Hot Air Expeditions pilot, was inaccurately reported by local media to have had an emergency landing and run out of fuel.  The pilot of the hot air balloon, who holds over 20 years of experience in hot air balloon piloting and facilitated over 2,700 hot air balloon flights, had a precautionary landing due to a wind shift, in order to avoid an emergency landing.  A precautionary landing is defined by the Federal Aviation Administration as a premeditated landing, on or off an airport, when further flight is possible but inadvisable.

The hot air balloon in question maintained a safe flying experience and environment for passengers as well as the surrounding area, while minimizing any disturbance to the landing area.  The hot air balloon landed in approximately 1mph wind conditions, and maintained standard fuel levels for the duration of the flight and landing.

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