Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Clover Balloon
Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our office to yours! How are you celebrating today?

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Ballooning…it’s something that mesmerizes onlookers down below, takes your breath away from up in the air and makes your worries feel like they’re a mile away. Their gorgeous and gentle nature is captivating whether you prefer to keep your feet on the ground or you’re a frequent flyer, for the young, the more mature and everything in between. What tends to surprise flyers the most is just how peaceful and calm being 5,000 feet in the air is. Ballooning is the simplest form of aviation known to man, dating back to 1783 where the first unmanned flight took place with a sheep, duck and rooster as its passengers (we can’t make this stuff up!). Though modern advances have been made in the ballooning world, the principle remains the same – there is no steering wheel, no propeller, no motor – it’s just you, your pilot, the basket around you, burners up above, and of course, the beautiful envelope holding up to 350,000 cubic feet of air.

Ballooning is a wonder to some, an intrigue to many and a profession to few – we like to think we have a mix of all of these. The wonder and dreaming never gets old, and even after hundreds of times up in the air, we still can’t get over the enchantment of the ride.

This is a place to share that passion that each and every one of us at Hot Air Expeditions has with you. We’re always doing something, whether it’s snapping photos up in the air, rolling around with our chase crew on the ground, or running around town checking out the latest restaurants and fun things to do, there’s never a dull moment. This is a place for you to join us on the journey, learn a little, and most importantly, have fun! Thanks for joining us on the ride, cheers to sharing in this amazing experience together! We can’t wait J

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